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Dr. John Golden


Dr. John Golden teaches Law and Global Business in the School of Business at Slippery Rock University where he also serves as the University’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Chair of the President’s Commission on Sustainability. He is the managing director of the Sustainable Enterprise Center (SEA) at Slippery Rock, which assists new start-ups and existing businesses with sustainable growth opportunities. Dr. Golden serves on several boards of directors, profit and non-profit. He is the owner of Golden Intergroup, a private sustainable business consulting firm. He also practices law in the USA and internationally, specializing in commercial law.


• Name of your organization?

--- Slippery Rock University Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator (SEA)

• Your role?

--- Managing Director

• What are your personal specialties?

--- Research and application in phased retirements. Best practices for companies and older workers as they transition to future work.

--- Opportunity recognition and assisting businesses with new growth opportunities; Law

• Where do you call home?

--- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• What areas of business would you like to explore further yourself?

Pandemic-driven virtual networking opportunities

• What areas of work/life would you be available to discuss with others?

--- Open for anything!

• Do you offer any free introduction packages?

--- The Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator at SRU offers free assistance for start ups with the help of our student interns.

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Dr. Golden's Foreward to the book Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age is below:


It’s been almost thirty years since I took my son and daughter, then aged six and four, ice skating for the very first time. We travelled to a local ice arena and I rented small-sized skates which I fastened snugly on their feet. I remember giving them some small words of caution. Before I could tie off my own skates, my kids jumped from the bleachers onto the ice and began skating at full speed. I watched with fright and amazement, wondering how they would stop safely. But stop they did. They hit the wall at the corner of the ice arena, fell to the ice laughing, got up and began skating off in another direction. Didn’t they understand that it is necessary to learn the established techniques by taking small steps onto the ice? Why didn’t they wait for my experienced instruction? How did they think they were going to stop? Weren’t they afraid of getting hurt?

Remember when you were a kid? Remember when you would take chances without fully understanding all of the possible outcomes? Remember feeling like you could do anything you wanted and weren’t afraid to try? In Ageless Startup, Rick Terrien, a lifelong entrepreneur, helps us reconnect to the kid that still lives in each of us. He reminds us that the penchant for risk-taking never really disappears, but becomes buried underneath a pile of jobs, raising children, paying mortgages and planning for retirement. Rick understands that, for many of us, “today” soon becomes “maybe someday.” And he also understands our fears that the “someday” may never come. But Rick says, “Don’t wait. Your new enterprise is out there to start and grow. What’s in it for you? Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Maybe the stars.”

Ageless Startup takes us back, lifts us up over our fears, and then moves us forward. It teaches us that we need not conform to the demographic expectations of our physical age. It reminds us, however, that this time around, we are more thoughtful, more authentic. We are now more strongly motivated to conjure ideas that align with our personal values and passions. We want not only to create, but to give back or “pay it forward,” as Rick says. Ageless Startup gives us permission to give ourselves permission to start taking chances again. And all it asks is that we just begin.

Remember when you were a kid? Ready…..set…..

John Golden

Assistant Professor/ Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Managing Director, Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator

Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania